Landed helps you hire the best overseas talent affordably and easily.

In my career, I've had the privilege of hiring and collaborating with hundreds of talented, hardworking, and dependable team members from across the globe. They've been pivotal in enabling us to deliver exceptional work to clients of our agencies, who range from growing startups to esteemed Fortune 500 companies.
Along the way, we earned a reputation as a great employer for overseas talent. Working with these amazing people opened our eyes to a belief that drives us: Talent is globally distributed, but opportunity is not.
Our mission is to change that. We pair the best overseas talent with ambitious brands that value them as integral team members.
We’re able to help companies take advantage of incredible cost savings, while virtually eliminating all headaches related to recruiting, training, and compliance. At the same time, we’re able to provide Landed team members with pay well above market, benefits, and a workplace that fosters their growth.
I hope you enjoy working with these incredible team members.
Signed: Hunter Hammonds
Hunter Hammonds
CEO & Founder
Why marketing teams choose Landed
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A Full-Service Talent Partner.
Working with Landed Embedded talent provides you every hiring advantage. We take care of all the headaches like recruiting, payroll, benefits, legal compliance, and employee retention.
Trusted, Top-Tier Talent.
Our rigorous selection process is designed to identify and onboard only the most competent and talented creatives. By hiring the top 0.5% of global talent, we guarantee access to professionals who are not only skilled but also perfectly aligned with your requirements and company culture.
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Guaranteed Quality.
At Landed, quality is not a promise; it's a guarantee. If your team member doesn't match up perfectly with your needs, we promise a replacement within two weeks on average, ensuring a seamless transition and continuous high performance.
Clear Pricing.
With Landed, you can achieve up to 70% savings on salaries without sacrificing quality. Our straightforward pricing structure means no surprises, just cost-effective access to world-class marketing talent.
Zero Compliance Headaches.
Landed manages all legal and compliance aspects of employment, ensuring adherence to local regulations in every region we operate. Our comprehensive compliance solutions mean you can onboard talent globally with confidence, without the administrative headaches or legal risks.

Advantages of working with Landed global talent.

We recruit, vet, train, and place the perfect fit for your team.
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Expertly Trained
Every Landed team member goes through an intensive training program where we raise their bar on quality, process, and communication.
Managed End-to-End
We provide continuous coaching on communication skills, monitor performance, improve process, and support their ongoing professional development to ensure top-tier results.
Recruiting & Vetting
We receive thousands of applications per month that we rigorously vet and interview to ensure we hire the top 0.5% of applicants.
We handle HR & Benefits
We design and maintain benefits programs for all Landed team members. This keeps your costs low while making your HR team’s lives easier.
Huge Cost Savings
Keep your finance team happy and stay well-within your budgets by working with our global team members. Costs are on average 70% less than US equivalents.
Top of Market Salaries
We pass huge cost-savings onto your team while still ensuring ours is paid top of market. On average we provide a 62% pay increase over someones previous role.
Driven by a commitment to excellence.
In every project we undertake, a profound sense of personal commitment is what drives us, reflecting a deep-seated belief in taking ownership. It's about more than just accountability; it's about treating each goal as our own, ensuring we're not just meeting expectations but truly invested in the success we're building together.
Honesty and ethical conduct are the bedrock of how we operate, guiding us in creating an environment where transparency isn't just valued—it's a way of life. Our integrity shines through in our dealings, ensuring that trust is not just given, but earned and upheld in every interaction.
Our promise to you hinges on our ability to be a pillar of reliability—being there when it counts, delivering with consistency and precision. It's this reliability that cements our relationships, knowing that we're a team you can count on, time and time again.
Striving for excellence is ingrained in our DNA, pushing us to not just meet the bar but set new benchmarks within the industry. This pursuit isn't just about what we do; it's about how we do it, ensuring that every piece of work is a testament to our commitment to being the best.
The spirit of collaboration is what fuels our collective success, creating a synergy that transcends individual capabilities. By embracing the power of working together, we unlock new possibilities, crafting solutions that are not just innovative but truly transformative.

How it works

Scale your marketing team, scale your business.
Discovery Call
We work to understand your hiring goals and identify where your team needs the most support. Together we’ll outline a plan for embedded talent, placement timeline, and your needs for a perfect fit.
Training & Selection
Landed selects and shares the perfect fit from our pool of pre-vetted candidates. We then begin their training process to ensure they’re ready to embed with your team.
Kickoff & Placement
We introduce you to your talent, ensure everyone is set up for success, and kick off the engagement. Your Account Manager will check in frequently during the first 60 days to ensure everything is going smoothly.
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